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TRAU Policies Overview:

The Retirement Advisor University (TRAU) is governed by a Governance Committee, which exists to oversee the educational programs available through TRAU.  This committee is responsible for the governance of The Retirement Advisor University educational content (UCLA Classroom, Online Learning, and Continuing Education) of TRAU.

The Governance Committee has established and delegated responsibility for various tasks to two bodies:

  1. The Retirement Advisor University Education Committee; and 
  2. The C(k)P Designation Standards Committee

The Education Committee oversees the course offerings, educational content and educational policies of The Retirement Advisor University. The Education Committee acts as an advocate for all C(k)P® Designation Candidates and provides a vision of a premiere educational system for adult learners at TRAU.

The C(k)P Standards Committee has been established as an autonomous body with sole authority in regard to all decisions regarding certification. This includes certification requirements, certification polices, and the certification examination. C(k)P® Standards Committee is an independent body of professionals that sets the standards and policies for Retirement Plan Professionals who hold the C(k)P® Designation. The C(k)P® Standards Committee oversees the standards and delivery of the designation for Retirement Plan Professionals, the Certified 401(k) Professional, Designation.

While each of these Committees has no dedicated staff, the staff of The Retirement Advisor University is responsible for meeting the needs of each board. The direction and needs of each board is communicated to The Retirement Advisor University staff (and other staff resources as may be donated or contracted from time to time) through the Executive Director or their assigned agent who is also responsible for maintaining the minutes of each board meeting.