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Below is a list of professionals who are currently Certified 401(k) Professionals in good standing with TRAU and the C(k)P® Standards Committee.

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C(k)P Designation Holders


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C(k)P DesigneeStatePhone
Matthew Cahan
Illinois847-291-3711View Profile
Kathryn Miller
Indiana317-810-7720View Profile
Lorenzo P. Gaudioso
Connecticut508-850-3965View Profile
Kim Pruitt
Texas817-720-1290View Profile
Peter Wang
California714-455-0250View Profile
Bradley Gayheart
Florida310-775-7911View Profile
Chris J. Gilbert
South Carolina843-800-6812View Profile
Cullen K Reif
Minnesota651-230-6212View Profile
Jeffrey Fountain, C(k)P
Maryland410-773-8395View Profile
Lisa London
Michigan248-645-7254View Profile
Eric H Hansen
Georgia404-808-5592View Profile
Gene Craciun
Ohio216-230-3700View Profile
Sanjay Beach
Ohio440-617-2158View Profile
Kelly Milligan
California925-488-4001View Profile
Brad F. Wagner
New York518-245-8122View Profile
Rosanna Leroe-Muñoz
California650-219-5398View Profile
Brian G. Lizzi, AIF, CFS, C(k)P
Maryland240-200-5428View Profile
Bill Chetney
California949-412-5653View Profile
Peter J Ressler Jr
Pennsylvania717-580-6460View Profile
Aaron Adcock
Indiana219-926-1182View Profile
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